Fifty Wonders of Korea

Grand Prize: Johanna Genehr

Adult & College Students

     1st Place: Jessica Jimenez
     2nd Place: Ellen Mazzarella, Laura Lourenco
     3rd Place: Elizabeth Rodriguez, Tyrus Underwood, Aaron Pattap

Honorable Mentions: Desiree D. Amdaeo, Sean Dix

High School Students

     1st Place: Diana Betancur, Marist High School

     2nd Place: Emma Marchio, Shawnee High School
                  Alex Zorychta, James W. Robinson Secondary

     3rd Place: Anne Kocher, Brookfield Academy
                 Young Hoon Chung, Clear Lake High School
                 Yong Jung Cho, Ridgefield Memorial High School

Honorable Mentions

  1. William Millar (Shawnee High School)
  2. Ruby Tumasz (Shawnee High School)
  3. Riainier Pineda (Marist High School)
  4. Madeleine Ramos (Marist High School)
  5. Jay Kim (Granada Hills Charter School)
  6. Sydney Walker (Thomas Jefferson High School)
  7. Alesha Gooden (Aiea High School)
  8. Kelly Gorman (Whitman Hanson Region High School)
  9. Ga Young Moon (Stuyvesant High School)
  10. Michi Dundon (Stuyvesant High School)
  11. Rachel A. Johnson (Mason Street School)
  12. Joshua Eby (Home Schooled)


*Please note that the awards will be mailed after June 20, 2008.