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2006 Essay Contest Winners
High School Student Category

    1st place - Edwin Heisse
    2nd place - Mai Cha Vang
    3rd place - Gina Kim
College Student & Adults Category

    1st place - Jerome Pionk
    2nd place - Peggy Choy [Video]
    3rd place - Warren Wong
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We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who participated in the 2006 Admiral Yi Sun-sin Essay Contest.  For us, it was a delight to read all the essays submitted for the contest.  Most of the essays were very insightful and well written.  We were grateful for the fact that so many of you put so much time and effort into writing about Admiral Yi's life and achievements.  Our only regret was that we had to choose a limited number of people for the awards. 

As we plan to continue with our effort to promote Korean spirit and culture, we will hold additional essay contests in the future about other Korean historic figures who deserve our recognition.   Please check back with our site for future updates.


Thank you again for all your participation.   


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