Admiral Yi Sun-sin - A Korean Hero
Yi Sun-sin: Hero of Korea
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Sitting alone under lighted candle, I took thought of the present state of our nation’s affairs; I found the tears rolling down my cheeks.

                                        (War Diary, January 1, 1595)

At times, he agonized in tears as he watched his soldiers train while enduring starvation. He sacrificed himself and tended to the needs of his soldiers and people before his own. He carried out his love to them. With his uncompromising loyalty, his dauntless will and steadfast courage, he saved his country when its leaders were lost in the crisis of war.

He firmly held on to honest principles, put an end to evil customs, and led his men with thorough preparation and a pioneering spirit.

He possessed unshakable conviction, achieved repeated successes in battles by means of brilliant tactics and strategy, and by his unselfish devotion, gained the absolute trust of his men.

He had no experienced, well-trained navy as Admiral Togo and Admiral Nelson had, nor was he himself trained as an admiral.

His country was small and weak and unable to support him. However, even the Heavens were moved by his noble spirit of loyalty, and he attained the legendary record of 23 consecutive victories.
He raised up fruit from barren earth. Indeed, he created everything from nothing.

To Koreans, he is not a hero, but a holy hero: He is Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

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