Admiral Yi Sun-sin - A Korean Hero
Yi Sun-sin: Hero of Korea
About Yi Sun-sin
Historical Background
Major Naval Battles
The "Turtle Ship"
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Life and Death


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Brief Introduction

Yi Sun-sin (March 8, 1545 November 19, 1598), was a famous Korean naval commander. As the Lord High Admiral of the Korean fleet under the Choson Dynasty, Yi Sun-sin led the fight against the Japanese during their invasion of Korea in 1592. He turned back the enemy fleet of Japanese invaders with his innovative turtle ships, and became to many Koreans a national hero. He was shot by a stray bullet in the final battle at Noryang in November 1598, and died. He was posthumously given the title Chungmugong (Duke of Loyalty and Arts of Chivalry).

A portrait of Admiral Yi Sun-sin

Yi Sun-sin's Turtle Ship

War Diaries

Yi Sun-sin: A National Hero of Korea
About Yi Sun-sin
Historical Background
The Major Naval Battle of Yi
          The Battle of Hansan           
          The Battle of Myongnyang           
          The Battle of Noryang           
The Geobukseon or "Turtle Ship"
The War Diary of Yi Sun-sin
Life and Death of Admiral Yi Sun-sin
          The Admiralship of Yi Sun-sin           
          All Naval Battles           
          The Warships and Weaponry
            of Korea and Japan
          His Memories and Influence
            on Korea Today